Marie-Lise Lachapelle Part 3

How would you best describe your ultimate consumer?

My ideal customer is every single one of them. They make a whole! From the young Hollywood fashionistas to the sophisticated ladies who often dare going towards my bolder pieces as opposed to a daintier style. My demographic is pretty broad…I actually have a name for all the different groups. For example the “Brigittes” were called after my New York sister (as I like to call her), who is in her late ’20s or young ’30s, has a style of her own, busy social life, works hard and likes to treat herself to a little luxury every once in a while. I may disclose a few more in a future interview. I love them all and usually know when I create a piece who will be the first ones to go for it.  And I’m usually right! I know my girls!

You recently teamed up with couture brand Theia. How do you think their resort 2011 collection compliments your jewellery?

I love the Theia Resort collection. The colours and shapes of the draping and floral touches are the PERFECT complement to my collections. The dresses are so beautiful without being “too much” so each dress is a perfect complement to each piece without overpowering it. It’s a match made in heaven and I’m so happy they contacted me to accessorize this collection!

What advice would you give those wanting to pursue their design dream?

Go for it and dream out loud! Take your ideas into action and do all you can to make them a reality. I PROMISE if you work hard, stay organised, focused and learn from your mistakes you can make your dreams come true. NOT a cliche! Try to study and learn how successful entrepreneurs from the field you chose have made it. There is an endless amount of online resources, biographies, documentaries, etc, just learn from the ones who have inspired you. They all have started somewhere.  Just don’t give up and believe in yourself!

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