Interview with Colette Malouf Part 2

How does your Lebanese culture effect the way that you design? Why do you think the Middle East has taken such a likening to our accessory line? I grew up surrounded by the glamour of my family’s luxury lounge wear business, which was all about ornamentation on caftans, evening gowns, robes and cashmere sweaters. “Elegance” is in my DNA and Middle Eastern women value looking elegant. That is what they come to me for.

What are your staple accessories? I wear hair sticks and hairpins because I like to do all kinds of twists. I always have an elastic around my wrist because I can perform magic with them and I love to wear statement cuffs with sleeveless tops.

You are always coming up with new hairstyles; do you think that you could be a hair stylist as well? That is too technical for me! I love helping women enhance their personal style by empowering them through their hair.

Do you change your hairstyles frequently? My cut stays similar as I love having long hair but I reshape it with accessories. In the winter my hair is straight and in the summer it is wavy and can make me look like a different person.

How would you explain your company’s style philosophy? I like to create “Artistic Elegance” and empower women through my work; the consumer and women who work with me or create the products.

What makes your company different from others? Each collection is a story and my designs are conceptual with an artistic angle.

How can women incorporate your accessories into their everyday style? They can express their feminine power through hair and makeup. Try red lips and with a crystal embellished low ponytail to one side or dark eyes with a streak of coral that matches a coral ornament on the side of the face. It evokes emotion and attracts the eye.

Can you give us any hints about what your Fall collection will look like? Think speakeasy, roaring 20′s, fabulous female rule braking; shorter hair, dark makeup and exposed knees!

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